Holy Ground

A Call to Being

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To respond to “being “ a call! What call? Now is a time within the community of caring humanity to nurture a healing consciousness, a compassion that engages each of us in the art of self care management.

The heart of the matter

Now is a time to be enriched in the art of healing through the integration of the collective wisdom traditions and learning about the ways the teachings bringing forth light  to sooth the issues of the denial of death . Now is a time that we can engage, in a mindful and heartful conversation which celebrates the mystery of life and hidden powers of acceptance to be in the dance and poetry and mystery of living fully.

Third Messenger is a place for creative activists to turn ideas into action & for the community at large to become a force for love. We hope to incubate, educate, & represent the needs of the community of caregivers and practitioners who are at the gates of living and dying.

Third Messenger exists as a gateway for creative imagination as a means for uplifting approaches to wellness. It is a work in progress – organic – ongoing process. – A dynamic creative energy to inspire, support, and foster compassionate service for our community.  A community of caregivers and all beings who feel the call to dance with the light and shadow of the human condition experienced in daily suffering and our conscious encounter with joy.

Who will benefit by Third Messenger:
Hospice workers, Chaplains and volunteers
Bereaved persons dealing with death in their families
Families dealing with major transition in their lives
Anyone seeking to support the aging process
Anyone interested in exploring his or her own death
Anyone beginning to tune into the fragility of the nature of Permanence and impermanence
Others who will benefit by third messenger:
Healing arts community: health practitioners, educators, organizational leaders, parents, caregivers, holistic nurses and practitioners of integrative complementary medicine. and others to promote the healing and wellness, i.e. vibrant lives, healthy hearts and minds.

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