The inner Journal  on BEING AND DYING

Searching for meaning in being and in dying

The challenge of meaning, and reflective practice

FEB 15
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In the future, when historians dissect our age, they may be shocked that we in science choose to place such a high value on the “systematic denial” of purpose and meaning. I suspect they may elevate this idea to a high place in the whole of human silliness, if it exists.  They may wonder why we chose to ignore the vision of those such as physicist David Bohm, who said, “meaning is being,” and you’ll, who saw the importance of meaning and who had courage to speak out about it; “meaning makes a great many things endurable – perhaps everything… Through the creation of meaning… A new cosmos arises”. “Meaninglessness… Is….Equivalent to illness “RETREATS”
Larry Dossey

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Deepens compassion, empathy, respect, equality and dignity honoring a sense of the sacred that   is presented to each and everyone of us in our awakening to death – a reclaiming it as part of the whole natural life cycle supporting the on-going development of a healthy attitude towards death in our culture, and rites, vigils, or activities that are personally meaningful empowering individuals and their families to make personalized choices through shared reflective narratives and journaling processes. 

To engage in practices that explore  directly in the death process to whatever degree one chooses understanding that both planning for, and experiencing, a death are rich in process in a deepening in the consciousness of being in relationship to our living and to our dying. It reflects the original nature of the heart – spacious, merciful, awake

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