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Conscious Dying Institute / The Doula Commons

In 2019 The Conscious Dying Institute (CDI) and Thirdmessenger are forming a collaboration in creating a pilot educational and doula service program – an empowered community of Conscious  Dying Sacred Passage Doulas serving the needs of the suffering in WNC and replicated where needed..

The Conscious Dying Institute (CDI) is at the precipice of a new and innovative worldview of End of Life Care. In raising the consciousness of Sacred Passage Doulas, the hope is that transformation will be supported throughout the infrastructures of modern health care for death and dying that unfolds beyond dignity and with respect, compassion, and the transpersonal implications of human caring partnerships intact.

Third messenger through its engaged activism is both aligned in CDI’s mission and will broaden its outreach with the work of the Conscious Dying Institute to restore death and dying to its natural place in the sacred circle of life by creating a new wisdom-based culture of healing caregivers and professionals … who elevate the experience of end of life care, through their programs, training and networks; and to restore emotional integrity and spiritual sanctity to relationships and increase life satisfaction for all involved. Additionally to provide support for the Doulas and those being cared for. Conscious Dying work requires an invested interest in both the emotional-spiritual development of doulas and those who they are called to serve.

CDI echoes the mutually shared need for humanity, sensitivity, and openness throughout the living-dying care continuum and reminds those serving these needs of their vital role in providing sacred passage guidance. CDI serves as healing evidence that, as spiritual teacher, Ram Dass reminds, “We’re all just walking each other home.