Awakening into Holy Ground 2007 – The Story of Eva, my Daughter

Eva’s Journey

In 1968 my daughter Eva was born in Santa Monica Ca, in 2007 she was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. In 2009 a seed was planted and in 2010 I started The Guided Imagery Collective in order to play a significant role in her recovery and to help others learn about cancer and the power one has in managing their own healing through relaxation, breath and guided imagery. I knew I wanted to turn up the volume on the entire field of guided Imagery and that’s where it began. A dear friend Michael Rey who is as committed to the service of imagery and design as I and works with non profit cultural institutions and a children’s hospital got on board and we formed the Guided Imagery Collective under the banner of his Intersection +, a division of Intersection Studios in Venice.



Fast Forward

The long goodbye… April 2013.  Eva was given a short time (which as it turned out was not taking into account the EVA factor , a will to live and we are now in and out of Hospice Care and have come to the well of amazement. The absolute heart that is working around death and dying and also aware of the opportunity to work to assist our community of healthcare professionals and families of caregivers in bringing additional support for creating sacred places that can help replenish ones vitality and be reminded that we all walk in Holy Ground. Holy Ground is the landscape of  being and dying, a threshold which we all reach consciously or unconsciously. Story Telling is a gift and mine and Eva’s and our family and friends are all players in the story. Yet, this is not about us . It is about celebrating the Divine and is not acquisition of information, but is a catharsis, a path of purification and compassionate service. I have come to meet many dedicated and inspiring nurses and Chaplains and room attendants, doctors and introduced to a great many works. Every thing is a lens  for saying Gracias! So this is a well of gratitude as much as a threshold which is where we will eventually leap into or fall or crawl into the well of liberation. Eva took her final beaming smile at 8:50 pm June 19th 2013. I was not there to feel it. And so it was and so it is for many others.