OUR COMMUNITY / The Movement

The Social Context of Death, Dying covers all aspects of death, dying, disposal, and bereavement. We are a multi-disciplinary collective of engaged/ creatives; artists, bereavement counsellors, death-work doulas, activists, medical and health practitioners, end-of-life and palliative care workers, psychologists, students of religion, social workers, and those in the legal profession, caregivers, the aging community.

Third messenger’s Mission

Third messenger’s mission is activism, education and engagement with front-line practitioners to show ‘real world’ relevance and contribution. Curators to bring forward in our community the role/purpose/possibility of death studies – The visibility of death as a social issue

Rumi has said Come, Come again a thousand times come again

Come to engage and be stimulated in our school of inner practice and in the art of inner journaling.  We seek to speak in a softer compassionate voice away from the clinical coldness of medicine or science. A voice part theater part art gallery part chapel (Sanctuaria) part sacred space part luminous ground. Come visit our Sanctuaria in Asheville, our SANCTUARIA a place for inner growth.

Action Item !!!! Third Messenger is a guidance system for the encounter
Third Messenger is a guidance system for the encounter, a watering hole, an oasis for refreshing and deepening our journey of living and being. This site is bringing forth a message of possibility incorporating tools for responding to the cry of suffering by pointing to a conscious awakening into the sacred path that we all share. Think of this as a virtual well that welcomes pilgrims to refresh . A midwife or anamcara (“The experience of our ancestors that leaning into, instead of avoiding pain lessens distress at the end of life both physically and spiritually” (We now see a similar concept in the what is called post traumatic growth in the sciences and in the field of mindfulness meditation) .

The ancient Celts saw the parallel between the processes of birth and dying. In their tradition, the ideal hospice employed anamcara midwives who assisted both birthing and dying processes under the same roof.” Richard Groves)

Third Messenger brings into play a body of tools to support a deeper resonance in living fully in the sacred arts of living and dying. It is time to find our own way, to own our own bodies and bring into motion self care healing because medicine can’t answer the call of spirit mind body.


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