When in the eye of the hurricane, swim

Finding peace and compassion in living and dying.


OPENING is the Intention and objective at the heart of these offerings or inner works and workshops is through a creative process, openings to possibilities shaping a shift sometimes clinically know as “Post traumatic growth”. Offering a new threshold for deepening one’s spirituality, lessening anxiety, anger, total stress, and mood disturbance.

Spirituality or transformative growth with an emphasis on the wisdom teachings of the heart of compassion is explicitly explored as a theme in these programs, through activities incorporating practices for cultivating compassion for oneself and others through forms loving kindness meditations, centering prayer and practices of the heart.

Practices all emphasizing the interconnectedness of oneself with the rest of humanity and a creative interplay with nature and the elements. The use of Journaling, writing and of inspirational poetry are the fabric, the mosaics, the centerpiece in these spiritual growth processes.