Last Landscape

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LAST LANDSCAPE an allegorical burial journey of a Tibetian monk experiencing his end of life.

A musical visual 18 min interlude to awaken the sublime thresholds that await in our final journey. WATCH NEWEST VISUAL allegorical journey Last Landscape trip.

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…  it is breathtaking. Like an unfolding prayer.

… Beautiful and meaningful work,

…profoundly beautiful. The melting of poetry and images and music together into a dreamlike awakening. This is such a glorious gift – your alchemy of balancing the dark and light, it does not shield us from the horror of death but invites us through its depth. My heart opened completely when I saw the dedication to Eva and realized that she was everywhere in this masterpiece.

Favorite moments – 

the words, ‘destined and soulful departure’ 

‘element of imaginal knowledge’ – after death this bridged me back to the preciousness of now 

pipe organ at earth, oh that was rich…all the music perfectly matched expression expansion

the last image, stunning – I saw the goddess Eva bowing to fellow travelers


The voyage – to awaken by experiencing the movement of the heart through fear and death. Yes. 

…Thank you. I realize now how strange it is to respond to you in words for something that is written in the language of soul. Perhaps you can read between the lines, my gratitude and awe. 

… A beautiful, provocative, enlightening communication with our soul.

…A powerful journey into the first gate of Bardo. Loved this. Expressive. Revealing. True Essence.

…The Last Landscape is your Piece de Resistance.

Visio Divina of the Etheric Expression…Resounding Revelations…Said Osio’s Graceful Art serves as Anointing for Our Soulful Journey. A most Meaningful Enunciation of our Passage into Perpetual Presence…Thanks for the Great Gift.

… Sacredly Beautiful

Wow.  And Wow again!   … Said has done a wonderful job and I loved his narration.

My desire has always been “to die consciously”.  I want to experience every step along the way and joyfully let go into the arms of Spirit. The Last Landscape has afforded me a much deeper journey into that process.  The magnificent music, narrative and art of The Last Landscape is a gift to me on a very personal level. I could “feel” the four elements leaving my body as I said “YES”.  Thank you Said. 

Namaste Said

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