Last Picture Show a transperformance experience

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Why we created the Last Picture Show

James Hillman a philosopher on the psychology of the soul in his later works on Jung’s Red Book “The Lament for the Dead” became the force that inspired this piece in remixing cultures that have embodied the image in honoring their dead; an inspiration for creating a new narrative, The Last Picture Show as a visual and musical performance ¬– “The soul withers and with it image – without awareness, a lost kind of deep seeing,
of the influences that too often create a denial of our mortality … and It has been said suffering comes with loss of meaning” These images (many archival) are the fabric of stories that are remixed as montages about giving death meaning are about living.

Again from Hillman, “We need the coldness of death to see clearly it is our return into Being & Dying and we need to open the doors of imagination it gives much more to the
stages of life than just old notions of mortality.

These images to music are a catalyst to experience a deeply personal expression giving a form of sonic collage as a background and voice, as echoes of impermanence of past impressions.

This Last Picture Show is a performance (Trans-formance art) collage, a sonic visual interplay to help build a culture and community celebrating dying to live. A live performance ART– piece engaging our intellectual selves as well as our emotional selves.

As Trans-formance art it engages, transcending emptiness, loss of meaning and materialism of our time that are the offspring of lost contact with traditions and ancestors. Trans-formance is the impetus, the creative drive for this work. In this piece cultures are juxtaposes as an interplay between two desperate cultures that have memorialized the death image i.e. Victorian Memento Mori and Mexican Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) and are the two core pieces of this three-piece movement. The Final movement Dia de Muertos brings to our current culture a way into honoring our dead and having a new relationship to “Dying to Live” in that it shows how being in harmony with our relations is being in harmony with Being!

The show will be in a venue that is a perfect container for holding impressions. Come and see for yourself on October 31 at the historic Masonic Temple Theatre in Asheville.Ticket on line $10 href=”http://www.alexandercaruso.com/#!blank/cvp8″> or $15 at the door !!!!

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