A Guidance System to inform,  inspire,  ignite Compassionate Service

Throughout the third messenger resource section will be links to free pdf’s ( also see tools ) and other url’s. We think of these as mini perspectives for your emotional and spiritual intelligence diet or an inner acupressure, pointers to open up the idea flow, energy to move you into deeper states for embodying healing through new awareness’ of ideas. Thoughts are energies. What we know about illness and healing is that within each of us is a unique being and that uniqueness is what is the focus of re-covery and these links serve one in moving towards enabling a deeper inner practice which is the gateway to the sacred art of being and dying. The links and urls are bridges for your journey to find new material that sometimes gets lost in cyberspace. We are blessed at this time to have a technology that can link us to many compassionate guides who can inform us and inspire us. These will get the curious aboard quickly and offer a deep perspective.


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