Stephen Jenkinson in Asheville Nov 6

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Stephen Jenkinson in Asheville Nov 6

How Stephen Jenkinson came to Asheville. The inside story. It all began a few months ago while I was visiting the Ramsey library at UNCA campus when I heard a voice from the other side of the counter call out hey Saïd….. It was my old friend Jake who I first met a few years […]

Conscious Dying Institute Training in April

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2017-asheville-flyer-v2 Our first Conscious Dying Doula Training in Asheville starts in April. Asheville is gently embracing a call to be engaged in compassionate Being with Dying . A sacred pathway . Contact us to find out how you can become part of a growing community in WNC.

A Season for bringing the long awaited Conscious Dying Institute training to Asheville.

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  Full details click on link

Reflections / practices on Death Cafe

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Reflections / practices on Death Cafe

new-death-cafe-conversation-piece See PDF

Writes of Passage workshop

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Writes of Passage workshop

Writes of Passage Journal Workshop

Altamont Theatre a new experimental theatre experience “DYING to LIVE”

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Altamont  Theatre a new experimental theatre experience “DYING to LIVE”

WE are here to absorb story telling through experimental theatre of Dying to Live.We are looking at images, at actors, each other, feeling sound, lights; it is not a definitive interpretation. Experimental theatre is part absorbing, part feeling and integrating. Standing by all of it, and then claiming it for ourselves. This is OUR theatre. these are […]

Death Cafe and Dying to Live Theatre a new collaboration

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Third Messenger deepens the conversation in Asheville Death cafe has been our inspiration and will continue as our primary activity and is scheduled for this Thur at MAHEC see and the 22nd of Feb at Dobra Tea. A new expression is unfolding for Asheville and the conversation of Dying to Live. It has become increasing clear […]

Last Picture Show a transperformance experience

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Last Picture Show a transperformance experience

The Last Picture Show Why we created the Last Picture Show James Hillman a philosopher on the psychology of the soul in his later works on Jung’s Red Book “The Lament for the Dead” became the force that inspired this piece in remixing cultures that have embodied the image in honoring their dead; an inspiration […]