OUR MISSION,THE CALL: To be soulful curators of the Sacred Art of Being and Dying.

A space or the collection and creation of works and ideas, a basket of small works that inspire, support and foster heart centered caring.  A place to tend the fire. At the threshold – your inner journey – The sacred art of compassionate service and the fields of Being and Dying.

Answering the call – you made it to the threshold of our virtual Home; part magic theatre, part holy ground, a passage into active imagination and the art of creativity in the sacred arts of being and dying.  Here we are. There are no accidents , dig deeper and listen to your inner guide.

WHY A THIRD MESSENGER? To revive the ancient wisdom teachings for compassionate service, teachings of the heart and practices for deeper inner growth and to Celebrate Being and Dying.

Rumi has said Come, Come again a thousand times come again

Come to engage and be stimulated in our school of inner practice and in the art of inner journaling.  We seek to speak in a softer compassionate voice away from the clinical coldness of medicine or science. A voice part theater part art gallery part chapel (Sanctuaria) part sacred space part luminous ground. Come visit our Sanctuaria in Asheville, our Cottage of the Doves a place for inner growth.

Action Item !!!! Third Messenger is a guidance system for the encounter

Third Messenger is a guidance system for the encounter, a watering hole, an oasis for refreshing and deepening our journey of living and being. This site is bringing forth a message of possibility incorporating tools for responding to the cry of suffering by pointing to a conscious awakening into the sacred path that we all share. Think of this as a virtual well that welcomes pilgrims to refresh . A midwife or anamcara (“The experience of our ancestors that leaning into, instead of avoiding pain lessens distress at the end of life both physically and spiritually” (We now see a similar concept in the what is called post traumatic growth in the sciences and in the field of mindfulness meditation) . The ancient Celts saw the parallel between the processes of birth and dying. In their tradition, the ideal hospice employed anamcara midwives who assisted both birthing and dying processes under the same roof.” Richard Groves)

Third Messenger brings into play a body of tools to support a deeper resonance in living fully in the sacred arts of living and dying. It is time to find our own way, to own our own bodies and bring into motion self care healing because medicine can’t answer the call of spirit mind body.

IT IS A call to beingtwilight_calling

To respond to “being “ a call! What call? Now is a time within the community of caring humanity to nurture a healing consciousness, a compassion that engages each of us in the art of self care management.

The heart of the matter

Now is a time to be enriched in the art of healing through the integration of the collective wisdom traditions and learning about the ways the teachings bringing forth light  to sooth the issues of the denial of death . Now is a time that we can engage, in a mindful and heartful conversation which celebrates the mystery of life and hidden powers of acceptance to be in the dance and poetry and mystery of living fully.

Third Messenger is a place for creative activists to turn ideas into action & for the community at large to become a force for love. We hope to incubate, educate, & represent the needs of the community of caregivers and practitioners who are at the gates of living and dying.