thirdmessenger embraces HeartMath – a new offering!

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thirdmessenger embraces HeartMath – a new offering!

Heart Intelligence – Greg Lathrop RN, HN-BC, HTPa

The foundation of practice for all health-care providers and caregivers is to transform suffering.In over 30 years of nursing practice I have experienced a simple truth; we can’t share something we don’t have.

I have found this capacity to share primarily an energetic exchange. Words become somewhat meaningless if our energetic presence does not match. In other words, if our (my) own suffering prevails, then what we are sharing with those we serve is suffering.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to transform suffering when we are placing our own suffering in their laps. Perhaps we have become accustomed to wandering in our own suffering, without any idea of the power we have to transform it.

We may find that our practice is reflective of a depleted state of being, related to the demands of caregiving and the stress that results. Through self-awareness and self-regulation with have the power to immediately shift our state of being from depletion to renewal.

What draws me to the principles of HeartMath, is the opportunity to immediately shift our perspective, which in turn, shifts our perception and therefore changes our experience. In so doing we may become a vessel of healing for those in need of assistance. As we become the vessel of healing, it means that we too are also healing. We can’t share healing unless we are healed. I find this is where the beauty of a healing relationship rests.

My goal is to cultivate the practice of personal coherence, specifically with all health-care providers and caregivers who are willing to participate. I believe the Institute of HeartMath, with over 20 years of research has successfully documented our power to do so.

To coin a few words a dear elder shared with me many years ago; “Get ready, you could be really happy!”

So, get ready…

In the months to come thirdmessenger will be offering HeartMath workshops to dive deeper into the realm of Heart Intelligence. We will learn more about what it means to be coherent and to shift from depletion to renewal. We will experience what it means to be resilient, and we will see how resilience may happen in a moment.


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