Death Cafe a force of compassion

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A Hospice Social Worker Inspired at Death Cafe

A Testimonial re: Death Café in Asheville at Co-Luminate Jan 19th 2014

Third Messenger with deep gratitude wanted to share this so that others  may begin to sense the depth of simply being engaged in opening to the beauty of a shared humanity in story telling about their beliefs, fears , experiences regarding Being with Dying.

Thus ! Death can become a powerful force and ally.

Hello all-

There is an opportunity to get together with others to share about life and death, and what it means to each of us as individuals. It is a safe and comfortable environment. I am referring to the Death Cafe. It is a gentle gathering of people to share their experience as it relates to being and dying. I went last night and it helped me reconnect to the heart of hospice work, as I can get caught up in the speed and the “work” of what I do.

It is held once a month, and the next two sessions will be on Feb 16th and March 16th, likely from 7:30-9:30pm.

It will be at Dobra Tea cafe at 78 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

I’d be happy to share my experience in greater detail.

Christopher Chardos LCSW

Hospice Social Worker/ Solace Asheville

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