Holy Ground

… It takes a village, one heart at a time

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My inspiration for being with someone as a caregiver came from tending the fire , showing up with an open heart to care for my daughter  as a guidance system, a navigator , a way-finder within the dismembered  labyrinth of our current health system and a desire to journey with her to share in her experiences as best as I could.

The Teachers are all around us

I found my way and found the greatest of teachings. Caring for someone in need. My teachers quickly expanded to those practitioners present in compassionate service  that  brought light into their practice, Nurses, lab technicians, the nightly vampires that came to draw blood and gave love. My biggest teacher my daughter who needed me to be there and to be her dancing partner, to share with her her fears of dancing with cancer. Six years now and the paths have taken unexpected twists, brought us to scary places and light fields. Each new encounter a new line of poetry. So here we are sharing this story and holding space for being with living and dying. ( see link … www.guidedimagerycollective.org)

landscape_with_teachersAlong the way some inspired fellow beings have been advisors who shared this vision for complementary medicine, specifically a form of deep and engaged guided Imagery which is the first generation of creating tools for anyone needing help prior to this newer offering the Third Messenger . Each have a different vision and you are invited to visit them. Nadazul is a personal creative collection of works and workshops which is an exploration into creative imagination or a blended version of what Jung called Active Imagination.  An inner-space inner where muses hang out and sometime spill over into other sites. It is a Sanctuaria  SCHOOL at nadazul.org) of inner works and a place for sharing new works and for offerings and sharing future workshops and events.

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